by Ereley

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It´s here. Our new full lenght album Katharsis contains 9 tracks with more than 50 minutes of music. You can buy a digital copy or if you want we can send you a CD from a limited edition. Enjoy the music!


released January 1, 2015


all rights reserved



Ereley Cheb, Czech Republic

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Track Name: On the way
At the places I don´t even know
That I have been there
Things happened
Hidden deep inside the darkness
Weighs and sometimes talks

Running away on the way of my passion
This way can take you at different places
Where you have been, where you are
But also there where you´d like to be
Running away on the way of my passion
This way can take you at different places

Into the hell
Into the pit
To the wall that we hit
Do you here the divison bell in hell?

Wake up, stand up, get up man
When you want to succes
Get an answers, forgive the mistakes
Your or others just don´t bother
Keep your you way ´cos it no matters
What does who say
But only you and your dreams
Track Name: The Glue
When the glue which holds my soul together disappears
They are coming back dressed in black
Characters living in memory
To stomp stalks that grew in their absence
When the glue which holds my soul together disappears
Lifts the curtain behind which are waiting for me and laugh

Alone on stage which does not bring a joy

Over these cliffs
Over these riffs
I´m breaking throught
My own dark world
Some times are great
And some not
How interesting is to watch this plot

When the glue which holds my soul together disappears
The sun doesn´t warm me
Life´s melody changes into cacophony
Horrible variety of feelings
Which none of them will make me smile
When the glue which holds my soul together disappears
The rhythm of imperfective breaths reflects hysteria
Which one is left and keep singing mournful melody
Track Name: Things that never happened
They are here between us
On every step and every day
We are in touch
And that makes us so sure about
What they left in us
The things that never happened

They are silent, not living
But they are here

Leaving the worst feel
Noone said a word
Because they never happened
But they did
And it still hurts me
Track Name: Leaving Shadows
A woman´s shadow leaving by quicksteps
Leaving away, far from all of this
It is love

This pressire I can´t stand
And everything is so fragile
Quickly get damaged
And stays damaged
It´s sad to look
How she´s leaving afterwards
At this dark avenue
Far away from all of this

The last thing you see
Is a piece of her shadow
Written into your brain
And this whole story
Plays in your head like a film
Forever and never you will stop
Thinking on her
Track Name: Soul in chains
As the sorrow crawles on my tongue
From a deepest inside of me
My hands starts shaking my heart is breaking
When my body does no longer work
Razors in my veins
Explosions of the pain in my brain

Please help me
Out of here
Please help me
´Cos there´s no one near

As my soul burns chained in past
I know I should have go
And leave it all behind
There´s so many ways to choose
Then don´t wait just go
And I chose one

"I was not put here by anyone in fear
I came alone as me
And just an idea of a long chaing of discovering
Surrounded by you..."
Track Name: Highlanders
The light fills my cooled body finally
The light makes me feel like I´m living afterall
The light brought me here I don´t know where I´m
The light tells me that everything is in right place

And then the rain comes in our way
It forces us to pray to the universe
For showing us a better face
In a moments when the light comes

"Inside your head you are drifting
At the edge of our own consciousness
That is a remarkable moment
You are able to find your own light"

And if you will find just darkness as I
Then just look around, somewhere else
And if you will find just pain inside
Then let the someone heal you, help you
To find the light
Track Name: Decay of brain
Inside tears
World of fears
Is hidden

The red eyes stare at me and I try to

Hide inside
Find a light
In a world of darkness

"Standing on crossroads of life
Traffic lights show me red
And I should stay, hold on in this hell
But I want to go
I want to see you
I want to feel you
Fuck it, here we go!"

Decay of brain, the bloody rain
Track Name: Dancing Hoods
Far, far beyond the memory
Flew memories from the days of paper bonds
Of friendship
Times buried alive
When the brightest sunshine in the shadow disappeared
Therein the forgotten times covered in dust

In the grey garb of indistinguishability
The dance of fools
Dancing in black hoods
Memories from the days of paper bonds of friendship

When we were together
Despite the impenetrable wall between us
Each separately in the middle of the four walls
Playing the game without winners

Ceremony of joy, sorrow, tears and smiles
Ceremony of the hate and love
Dancing in black hoods
Waving in a dark cold night
Track Name: A Figurine
On the black piano
There is a figurine
Telling her story
To those who want to listen

She went through the life with open heart
She made everything
Let the flowers grow
And the sun shining forever
The sky was blue and grass was green

She passed through the bodies
Even the blood
When it was needed
What she wanted she has got
She made me smile for a while
Because I know that all was true
But only a half of truth

To the figurine
Telling the story
But I know all the truth

For all these years
There is a reason
You deserve it

But this is the day
When I release you
From your course
But this is the moment
When you left your shell
Let your story continue
This is the day of Catharsis

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